How It's Done

The large pieces are turned on a lathe between centres, then with the use of a chuck at one end to give access to allow hollowing of the piece to expose the natural fissures and grain on the finished article.

The oriental pieces take longer, because of the amount of work involved.

Stage 1: Turn the thin walled vessel 1mm to 2mm thickness.

Stage 2: Design and pyrograph the design on the vessel.
(Pyrography is the burning on wood with a hot tool)

Stage 3: Piercing the vessel with a special tool similar to a dentists drill.

Stage 4: Air brushing on using watercolours, butterflies etc.

To see how it's done view the Documentary.

Stan can be booked for demonstrations. So whether you are a professional or an amateur group why not have him demonstrate his woodturning skills. Please email Stan for prices:

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